Fire-rated glass

BI-FireStop/BI-FireStopColor (Brandschutzglas G)

BI-FireStop is the name for a monolithically structured fire protection glass without wire or other inlays. It is produced on a float glass basis, and boasts outstanding optical characteristics while offering a wide variety of design possibilities. As insulating glass, it can also fulfil additional functional requirements for sun-, warmth- and sound-protection in accordance with its structure. Fire protection glass with a high strength coefficient is permissible for glazing with the fire resistance class G 30 and is able to withstand sudden rises in temperature.

Product description BI-FireStop

BI-FireControl (Brandschutzglas F)

BI-FireControl fire protection glass is approved for use with glazing of the fire resistance class F30. It is comprised of two plates of BI-Tensit single-pane tempered safety glass and/or BI-Hestral semi-tempered glass which are bound together via a spacer. The area between the plates is filled with a layer of glass-clear gel. Manufactured on the float glass basis, it offers excellent optical characteristics. Not only does BI-FireControl offer protection against fire and smoke, but it also helps to prevent the spread of radiant heat. This means that flammable materials on the side away from the fire will not ignite, allowing escape routes and rescue routes to remain free. Depending on its structure, BI-FireControl can also fulfil additional functional requirements for sun-, warmth- and sound-protection.

Product description BI-FireControl